Thursday, 18 August 2016

Around the yard

And now it's time for this week's leftover pictures. Not too many this time, since I did way more deleting than keeping. Here we go:

Apparently happy begoinas

Sunflower in evening light

Willow herb seed pods

That'll do me. Catch you next time.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Considering that I didn't have the right lens on the camera to take a non-close-up shot, this photo didn't turn out too badly, I think.

Anyway, tea. I haven't done a tea post in a while, and I'm sure that you missed it.

Oh, shush.

I can't remember what I have and haven't discussed by now, so give me a bit of a break if there's some doubles here. Also, I recently got in on the summer sale, so including the boxed sets I bought there's nine new teas in my life. Well, not all new, come to think of it. Either way, I'll try to keep the reruns to a minimum.

First, the teas that aren't the most recent ones. In fact, I've had one long enough to have since got a refill.

For whatever reason, the last time I went for yerba maté  (I mean the last time before this most recent last time. Bear with me here) I veered away from my beloved Chocolate Rocket and went Electric Lemonade instead. That's weird for me, because I'm usually dissatisfied with fruity teas (that's right; I'm a spicy gal). This one's not bad at all, though, and I'll admit that my one exception to fruit teas is lemon. It'd be nice to not see "flavouring" in the ingredients list when there are so many things that can brew a lemon flavour, though. That'll be a recurring theme of this post, by the way.

On the same trip (I must have been in a weird headspace that day) I picked up Pistachio Ice Cream and Lemon Pound Cake, both of which were, I think, limited time flavours. Pistachio Ice Cream tasted like pistachio ice cream. Lemon Pound Cake tasted like lemon pound cake. Both, obviously, needed "flavouring" help to taste that way. Neither should have been called a tea. Note to self: no more novelty flavours, Dee. It's not what you're looking for.

Also on that same trip, I tried out Dark Chocolate Delight. That's the one I've since bought more of. 'Nuff said there, I think.

Ok, on to what I've tried so far of the new stuff.

If I can remember, that is.

The maté I went for this time around was Cinnamint. I'm of two minds for this one. On the one hand, it's fine. And on the other hand, it's fine. Not unpleasant, but doesn't exactly blow me away. I'll likely be going back to Chocolate Rocket for my caffeine, or maybe even that Electric Lemonade.

I also picked up a sale pouch of Live Wire Lemon, which contains yaupon rather than maté. Not bad at all, but I see it's on its way out as well. Maybe something to do with its scientific name (look it up...).

This is where it get a little hazy, just because I can't remember what I've tried and what I haven't. Monk's Blend is very pleasant (and no longer listed), The Spice Is Right is sort of have a little tea with your cinnamon, the licorice hit in Chai & Mighty is a bit weird to me but drinkable, and as much as I'm not really an Earl Grey person this morning's Cream of Earl Grey with the added vanilla was nice.

I think that's got it.

There are still more to go, believe it or not. I've sure you're all waiting with baited breath...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Random stuff, aka I have no idea what I'm about to type.

Today's photo: a bad shot of a Goat's Beard seed head that I made "better" by editing the bejeebers out of it. That counts as art, right?

Today's annoyance: not one, but four different media outlets that seem incapable of figuring out the whole its versus it's thing. If it's on twitter, fine (well, not fine. I wish people would learn this stuff in elementary school like they're supposed to). If it's coming from a professional journalist working for a professional media organisation, then not fine.

Today's pointless puzzlement: people have been listing their seven favourite movies and seven favourite television shows on twitter (#7FavMovies and #7FavTVShows). I...don't think I can. Not that I'm ashamed of anything I watch; more like I can't really think of seven favourites in either category. People who know me wouldn't be surprised at the movie part since "I haven't seen it" seems to be a recurrent in my life, but even as far as TV goes it's a puzzle. My TV is on most of the time, true, but it's mainly producing white noise to mask the sounds from neighbouring apartments.

Today's weather: Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud this afternoon. Wind south 20 km/h. High 29. Humidex 32. UV index 7 or high.

Today's comment on the weather: Fan-effing-tastic. By the time I get back into town my apartment will be a sauna.

And on that happy note I'll end this truly pointless post and do a couple of scheduled ones. It seems to be the only way I can remember to blog at this point.

Actual point that time. See you in virtual tomorrow.
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