About me

Yep, it's me. In point form, even:
  • I am short. Hey, that's important. The height you view the world from affects your world view.
  • I am left-handed. Have the scars to prove it, even. Why did you right-handed people have to make life so difficult for the rest of us?
  • I am a nearsighted astigmatic. That's the way I see things, so it must be the way things are. Right?
  • I almost always have a song playing in my head. It's odd if I don't.
  • I have a BSc in Zoology and work as a naturalist/interpreter. That generally translates as "my job is weird". I'm not sure what I'd do with a normal job at this point...
  • Much of my work involves science but most of my hobbies involve the arts. I kind of like it that way, and I'm not always comfortable when the two cross over.
  • I have an overdeveloped sense of the absurd and a pretty serious fondness for British sketch comedy. I have a feeling that the two might, in fact, be connected.
  • I like spiders. Yes, I do. I studied mammals, though.
I guess that about covers it, except for the pointless photography part. Speaking of which, let's have a sample right now.

My finger, yes, and I'd be embarrassed to say how many dragonflies I picked up to get that shot. Oh, and my hand is about as much of me as you'll ever see on the blog. I'm happier that way.
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