About this blog

This blog is basically a continuation of a blog I started back in 2003. I didn't especially want to blog, but I did want a place to practice some basic html without having to commit to maintaining a website. At first I was just playing with the look of the thing and using it to store some of the resources I used at work (star stories and things like that) as a way to have easy access to them. Bit by bit things started to become more bloggy there, though.

I'm not sure why, but they did.

A few years ago I decided to use the other blog (see The Other Blog on the sidebar, if you're interested) for more artsy stuff, so I moved my pointless blather over here and gave it an appropriate title. The blather is, indeed, pointless. It's not meant to change the world in any way, shape, or form. I just figure that everyone needs a place to put their pointless thoughts and observations, and this is mine.

The photography? Is also pointless, and generally has nothing to do with the post topic by design.  It's just things that have caught my eye, for whatever reason. Oh, and spiders. Probably a few too many spiders.

Should the blather ever really come to a point, I'm told that the blog will turn into a pumpkin. After this many years of pointless blather, however, I think we're probably safe from that fate...
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