Monday, 24 October 2016

More pointless photos

Yeah, still no blather to go with.

Some very persistent apple leaves

A shot up through a European Mountain Ash tree.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Must be time for some pointless photography, right?

You've noticed that I'm not much for blather lately.

Actually, that's not true. My blather has just become a lot shorter and usually involves my phone.

Between doing social media for work and playing with my own accounts, I'm feeling a little blathered out. That means that once again this post (and the scheduled one I'll add after this) is all photos all the time.

Don't worry. I'll no doubt blather again at some point. Until then, pictures:

Bracket fungi with an old rhubarb flower stem decoration.

A trio of clematis seed heads.

Fallen leaves, including High Bush-cranberry.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Big ol' social media sigh

That's my car covered in snow last week, by the way. My two fans know how happy that makes me.


A few years ago my (former. He has his own room now) office mate started a twitter account for work. I thought he was off his chump, to be honest. What were we ever going to use those silly 140 characters for, anyway?

Most of our advertising, it turns out. And a fair bit of visitor contact.

We were, accidently as it may be, fairly early adopters of social media. We're very active on twitter, instagram, and facebook, and are likely to be on a couple of other outlets soon. We're busy enough that we needed a social media coordinator.

Guess who?


I spend most of my work time these days posting and tracking. If I go for a walk I make sure I have my phone in case there's an instagram opportunity.

I'm on facebook, even though I've always hated facebook.

Life is weird, folks.

I'm not at work today, but I've spent nearly two hours doing work stuff from my phone.

Ah well, could be worse. I still go for walks, even with the phone aspect. We're more connected with visitors than we used to be. I still don't have a computer (if you don't count my tablet since, given that I don't have WiFi...). Well. I suppose the end is that I'm employed to be too connected, but at the moment I can live with it.

At the moment.

For now.

Stay tuned. An alert sounded as I was typing this.

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